Is Your Makeup Making You Look Older

A few tips to wear your makeup age appropriate;

  • Avoid makeup on your lower lashes, mascara and eyeliner can make you look haggard.  Plus any darkness under your eye is aging and can make your eyes appear smaller.  Not ready to go bare yet, opt to only line and apply mascara to the outer third of your lower lash line.

  • Cakey Concealer which is caused by dry skin soaking up your concealer creating a cracked look.  Solution, a combination of a hydrating eye cream and a primer.  Primers should be your best friend as you age.  They create a barrier between your skin and your makeup smoothing everything out.

  • Powdery Finish Foundations will settle into fine lines and wrinkles making your look like a wrinkled up powdered doughnut.  Still fixated on powder?  Mist with a finishing spray after applying your powder or if you are ready to dis your powder opt for a liquid or cream foundation.

  • Using only a neutral color palette?  As we age we lose some of our natural radiance, to avoid add one pop of color to your neutral shades like a lip or blush color or a bright eyeliner.

  • Smoker’s Lip.  Even if you have never smoked, puckering your lips over time has created tiny lines around your lips.  Use a lip liner the same color as your lips to stop the bleed out of your lipstick or gloss.

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