I have reviewed the top trends for fall fashions in magazines and viewed them on line.  I have my top picks, what are yours?

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    Buns are Back– and I am referencing for your hair.  Spiral, braided and the pony buns are hitting the runways and so can you.

  2. Heavy MetalGrommets are the new studs– they are on bags, boots, dresses and more.  Be careful not to wear it head to toe.  You want to add a tough touch without looking aggressive.

  3. 97a50a5726afca5993a13598ceb541e4Monochromatic Dressing– this is always a chic and modern look.  Instead of all black try wearing all navy or a rich burgundy.

  4. Brooches– I am really excited this vintage look is back.  Pile them on a jacket or don one in your hair.

  5. Vibrant Hued Lips– pop on a coral tone or a cooler red based on your skin tone.

Okay your turn what is your fave fall trends?  Scroll down to the comment box and let us know.