As of lot you, I had my colors analyzed in the 80’s when there were just the 4 seasons and I was placed in the Autumn color palette.  So for 23 years I was wearing colors that were unfavorable for my skin tone.  Autumn colors on me read two dimensional and my skin pulls too much of my carotene to the surface creating a muddy look.

Fast forward to 2007 when I was introduced to 12 Tone Color Analysis by Kathryn Kalisz who unveiled my colors, during my PCA certification course, as a Bright Spring.  I was hooked to the whole 12 Tone Color Analysis system and still practice it to this day.


But I still had a curiosity about other color analysis methodologies.  So I went to an analyst that practiced personalized color analysis.  Here is what she determined to be the best colors for my skin tone.  Plus she gave me 3 color wands with my eye, hair, and skin color.


Yes both these color spaces possess differing dimensions of colors.


I do want to make very clear that I am not discounting the validity of either color analysis system.  I truly believe it comes down to the client’s personal preference on;

  • Test drapes or Color Chips?

  • Book of colors- canvas, material, or paper?

  • Standard or Customized color fan?

  • Wear your body colors or colors that are favorable for your skin tone?

  • Observe the results during the session or only the analyst views outcome?

For me I prefer test drapes, canvas book of colors, colors that are harmonious with my skin tone, and observing results during the PCA session.

I know this topic is highly debated!  I would love to hear your PCA preference and why.  Scroll down to the comment box below to share your thoughts.