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So you rang in 2015 – will you make a resolution in hopes you will be able stick to it?

America’s Top New Year’s Resolution is NO surprise:

Lose Weight & Get Fit

If this is the #1 New Year’s resolution, why do we see the gym fade out after February?

All or None Scenario- You head to your favorite gym and renew your membership; you get a class schedule, and maybe even schedule time with a personal trainer or wellness coach. You vow to go everyday, well that works for the first few weeks then life kicks in. Work gets busy, a child gets sick, you have to go out of town so you give up and promise to get back into it when things calm down. Well guess what, that is life so things never calm down.

New Year’s Tip- Look at your schedule on a week by week basis and schedule your classes or gym time around what is going on that week. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, schedule time to get out and walk, run, or ride a bike. Going twice a week consistently is better than not going at all for a month.

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Unrealistic Weight Loss Goals- Now you have your gym membership and you printed off the latest diet that guarantees you lose 25lbs in the next 90 days then… you messed up your diet today and you didn’t exercise either, so what!   You didn’t ruin anything, get back on track tomorrow!

New Year’s Tip- There is no such thing as a diet – it is simply called “healthy eating”. Visit your local vegetable markets and shop on the outside perimeter of the supermarket. Read ingredients, if you cannot pronounce the word you probably shouldn’t eat it. By eating healthy and working out you will see a natural weight loss. Maybe it’s only 1/2 pound a week at first, as your body gains more muscle, but you know what that adds up to?   By 2016 you will have lost 26 pounds and you did it the healthy way and the weight will stay off!

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Fitness Boredom-  You are losing momentum or losing interest in your fitness routine.

New Year’s Tip-  Find a “Fitness Friend” or join a Group Fitness class. Exercising in numbers keeps it interesting and keeps you motivated. Try a variety of classes, whether you think you will like them or not. It takes approximately 3 visits to a Group Fitness class to really get a feel for the program and if it is right for you.   Becoming Fit is not a destination it is a way of life – find what works for you and make it a lifestyle!

So make 2015 the year that we defy statistics and achieve those fitness goals together!

Amy Harrop

Amy Harrop

Mommy of 3, Fitness Fanatic, & LesMills Fitness Instructor

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