Tees by Tins Shaper

My dear friend, that owns Tees by Tina, shared with me last week her brand new Slenderizing Mid- Thigh Short and I feel in love!  Some of my shapers almost dislocate my shoulder while trying to pry them on my body.  Ever felt this way?  Not anymore.  Here is what Tina says about her shaper short;

To achieve a polished look, shape wear is an essential item every woman should have no matter what her size.  No one wants to have ‘the divot’ – that area on your hip that turns into a dimple when you wear a regular thong or panty under a close fitting dress or skirt. Many women don’t need to look like they’ve lost 2 sizes, but rather, just need some smoothing out and a bit of support.  Unfortunately, most shape wear makes you feel like you have been placed in a sausage casing.  Tees By Tina has developed the Slenderizing Mid-Thigh Short as the ‘anti-shapewear.’  It gives a woman a smooth, flattering silhouette while being extremely comfortable to wear.  No more sucking in your breath just to be able to pull your shape wear up!   Try it for yourself!

For more information, click on the above before and after photo.  Thanks Tina for sharing your shape wear with Invent Your Image, our clients will love you for it!

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