Customize Your LBD

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As a certified image consultant that specializes in color, my answer in “NO” if black is NOT a foundational color in your color palette/space.   Whatever unfavorable result occurred, in your personal color analysis session, when black was placed around your face I am guessing that is not how you want to look when you are stepping out in your LBD!  Black, on some individuals, creates an optical illusion of dull skin, makes them appear older, 2 dimensional, and highlights skin imperfections. Not a good look, right?

How do you tweak the LBD Rule to work for YOU?  The main purpose of the LBD Rule is to create a neutral & versatile piece to build from for your special occasion attire.  It is YOUR Go To or Safe Dress, the one you look and feel confident in.

  • First, do you know if black is one of your foundational colors?  If not it is time to invest in a personal color analysis session by a trained and certified color analyst.  You can reread our article on “How to Choose Your Personal Color Analysis Company with Care”

  • Next, now you that you unveiled the black that is best for your skin tone- brown black, bright black, soft black, blue black, gray black etc. or in some color spaces you will need to steer clear of black altogether, it is time to alter your LBD.  For example your LBD might be LND (navy) or LCD (charcoal).

NOW is the season to customize YOUR LBD, or in my professional opinion your “Little Basic Dress”.  Remember be authentic to your Self & Style when modifying your LBD!

We would love to hear about your very own LBD or better yet pop in a picture in the comment box below.