When it comes to mixing prints and patterns, stripes are a great choice for a rookie to dip their toes into the chic clashing arena.  There are multiple options of combining stripes with other patterns, way too many to illustrate in this blog post.  So are you ready super charge your wardrobe with stripes?  Let’s get started;

Stripes + Florals

Stripes with Floral

If this combo is too bold, opt for a striped top and tie on a floral scarf.

Two Tone Mixing

Stripes with Fluer de Lis

This is a classy option, mix a hi-low color combination (e.g. black & white) with a stripe and print.

Stripe + Whimsical Print

Stripes with Print

Combine a hi-low contrast striped top with a low contrast print trouser.

Stripes + Camo

Stripes with Camo

Add some pizzaz to this military print by adding a silky, striped blouse.

Stripes + Stripes

Stripes with Stripes

Stripes can even be combined with each other stripes!  Pick a large stripe and pair it with a smaller stripe to create a fresh look.

Still challenged with becoming a mix master?   Visit Invent Your Image’s “Chic Clashing” Pinterest board for inspiration or schedule your outfit building session today with Certified Image Consultant, Lisa K. Ford.

As always I would love to hear your feedback and also hear about your favorite stripe mixing combination by scrolling down to the comment box below.

All photos can be found on Invent Your Image’s “Chic Clashing” Pinterest board.