Style is about Compassion and Consideration:

· Saying please and thank you

· Looking people in the eyes when you speak to them

· SMILE and shake hands when being introduced

· Open the door for those in need or close behind you

· Respect the speaker– do not interrupt

· Just say thank you when someone pays you a compliment

· Always use good table manners

· Answer the phone in a friendly manner

These are just a few examples of displays of style.  These points may be no brainers but you would be surprised how many times, in a day, you will witness inconsiderate and uncompassionate individuals or style less people.  At first glance, a person may appear to be “Visually Stylish” but when they begin to display undesirable behaviors you overlook their chic attire and consider them distasteful!!!  Please feel free to tell me your  encounters of style less or stylish people by scrolling down below.