We’ve all heard the expression “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  No statement could be truer.  After all beauty is quite meaningless until someone experiences it.  This means that we can say that beauty is experienced as a visual impression, which is left in the “mind’s eye” of the beholder.

A fact substantiated by extensive research is this: color, more than anything else, creates the very first and most powerful visual impression.  With this thought in mind you can understand why a personal color analysis is so very important to you.  It involves YOUR personal color.

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Before Dark Winter

Karen Gillman, VP at On Point Executive Center, is always dressed to impress.  She contacted Invent Your Image, to add that final finesse to her look- COLOR.

 After Bright Spring

Doesn’t she look amazing in her newly discovered color palette- Clear and Bright Spring?

Here is one more example of how wearing your colors can lift your mood, broaden your expression, and refresh your spirit. 


Before True Winter


Beautiful in BSp

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