Everyone is back to work after the holiday season and the stores need to draw you back to their stores by offering block buster deals.  I know it is hard to resist the price tag of a clearance item because you think I have to own it because it is only $12 but buyer beware you can be wasting your money if you do not keep certain factors in mind while scouring the sales fixtures.  Here are just a few nuggets to think about when making your purchasing decision. 

  • Return Policy– ask the store if the items are returnable.  Often items you purchase on clearance are final sale so if you really love it make sure it fits the rest of the tips below and that you check the piece for any stains or damages.

  • Try it On–  there is usually a reason for the item reaching the sales rack.  One, the store purchased too much of the product which means you might see yourself coming and going on the street.  Second the garment has a poor fit, produced in an unfavorable color, or was of poor design.

  • Color/Fit/Style– If the item is not a good color for your skin tone, does not fit your body shape and proportions, and does not resonate with your style persona you are most likely not going to wear the garment and hence you wasted your money even it was only $5.

  • Organization– to quickly navigate the racks, stores either size the merchandise or separate them by designer.

  • Do NOT Purchase Trendy Pieces– when you purchase a sales item it was from a season that just passed; so by the time you actually are able to wear it, it is already yesterday’s news.

  • Think “3”– if you do not have 3 other wardrobe pieces in your existing wardrobe that you can pair it with, you might consider leaving the item behind.

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