Color Fit Style

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During my training to become a certified image consultant (stylist) 7 years ago, I learned that an individual’s coloring and their style persona was important by not emphasized as much as body shapes and proportions and how it impacts the fit of a garment on a client’s body.   So early in my career, I spent the majority of the time with a client addressing the importance of color in their wardrobe and educating them on how to choose clothing lines that would work best with their body shape and proportions.  Even the majority of my new clients want to skip the Personal Style Consultation part of their style journey and jump right into closet analysis and shopping.   In reality, choosing to skip a your PSC is a BIG mistake.  Having a clear understanding of what you as individual, like and do not like or what you want to move away from and move towards is key to creating a wardrobe that is authentic and unique to your style traits.   The way you look and feel in your clothes is also driven by you and your bona fide style personality.  I am not saying that your best colors and your fit factor is does not matter, it is just a smaller piece of your style equation than I originally thought.   For example, in reality makeover shows like “What Not to Wear”, they always address their fashion victims fit but rarely if ever discuss their style persona or color.  Yikes!

Your style persona comes into play;

  • with the fabrics you purchase- soft or hard

  • with the prints you love or no prints at all

  • if you enjoy wearing just your foundational colors (white, gray, browns, or blacks)

  • if you prefer to wear your accent colors from head to toe (ROYGBIV)

  • with the details you choose on your garments (top-stitching, fringe, ruffles to name a few)

  • when purchasing your accessories and even your shoe wardrobe

  • choosing a hair color or style

  • with your makeup choices

  • even with your intimate apparel

There is NO singular style, rather there are numerous expressions of one’s style unique to you as an individual.  Now that is exciting!!!

Tell us your story on how your style persona has influenced the type of clothing or accessories you have purchased?  What purchasing mistakes you have made because the pieces did not resonate with your style personality?