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Do you want to contribute to Invent Your Image’s Blog site? Do you have a flair for writing fashion, color theory/analysis, lifestyle, and/or shopping articles? Do you share the same interests and thirst for image, color, and style knowledge as our Invent Your Image followers do?

Then write for us!

Invent Your Image Blog is open for contribution on image, beauty, and style tips, fashion trends, color theory or analysis, and shopping.

Just a few notes on submission:

  • Include images and make sure you provide a link to provide credit if they are not your image. Although we love photographs that you have snapped yourself, before and after photos work great too.

  • Submit images in a separate zipped file and properly titled, for example- name of file, name of author, name of blog.

  • All images must be in the highest resolution possible. If they look awesome, that’s a bonus.

  • Standardize the width of images at 500px, 550px or 600px only.

  • Ensure that your post is no more than 300 words.

  • If you are creating a list; make sure it is not more than 10 items, for example “Top 10 Ten Fall Fashion Trends”

  • Link back to previously published Invent Your Image Blog posts when applicable.

  • All submissions will be approved or disapproved by the Invent Your Image’s editorial team.

Is your submission ready? Then submit here now!

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