Wardrobe Consultant

1. Love it or SEND it on Its WAY!

Dress in the NOW!  Clothes that empower you make you feel fabulous.  Designate garments for donate, consignment shop, fix, or trash.

Ask yourself:

    • Does this item fit you properly?

    • Does the color look great with your skin tone?

    • Does it lift your spirits or does your energy drop when you think about, look at it, or put it on?

    • Do the lines flatter your body type?

    • Does this garment fit into your current lifestyle?

    • Do you own too many of the same thing?

2. Never Keep it for Just in Case

Saving clothes from 10 years or 10 pounds ago will not bring back your youthful figure.

3. When New comes in Old goes OUT

Exchange old clothes for new ones to avoid belongings buildup. The more clothes you have, the more your energy is tied up in mundane matters.

4. Avoid Autobiographical Wardrobe Syndrome

What is this you ask?  Keep your wardrobe in the now.  Rid yourself of your fashion history, like those old Jordache jeans from high school.  Present tense clothes are the only garments that belong in your closet.  Learn to lose the anchor by creating a time capsule where you can put your fashion past in a storage bin and revisit like you would a scrapbook.


5. Discard Expired Garments

Clean out your closet the same way you do your refrigerator, by checking for expiration dates. Clothes expire just like food does! Clothes lose their energy when they are worn-out, ill-fitting or irrelevant to you, your lifestyle, and goals. If it does not fit you, flatter you, or function for your current way of life get rid of them.  Stale clothes create a stale life.

6. Just Say NO!

  • Return or exchange undesirable gifts.

  • You are not honoring the giver by not wearing it.

  • Only except hand me downs that reflect your personal style.

7. Do not Buy to Buy

A well thought out wardrobe plan can save you hours of mall-hopping and keep your savings account intact.  Do not buy a garment unless you have at least 3 things in your closet already to wear it with.  Also carry a list in your wallet of things you NEED not Want.

8. Cannot afford not to buy?

Don’t! – If more people had this attitude about shopping, they could trim hundreds of dollars a year off their clothing budgets.  Price should be the least deciding factor of your purchase. Color, styling, fit, and functionality count more.