Walking in High Heels

High heels can be a girl’s best friend or worst enemy!  They help you stand up taller, look slimmer, and feel more confident. However, walking in sky-high heels can be a little tricky.  Follow these simple solutions and you will be strutting like a supermodel in 5-inch stilettos before you know it.

First, make sure you shoes fit great and are broken in.  Not too loose or they will flip flop off the back of your heel and not too tight because your face will have the look of agony.

Take small steps.  Stick to little, elegant steps which will make you look natural and graceful.

Walk heel to toe.  Heel down first, then let the sole follow quickly and smoothly.  Also keep your toes pointing straight ahead.

Maintain great posture.  If you do not maintain good posture you will appear slouchy and uncomfortable.  Defeats the purpose of wearing high heels, correct?

Practice at home.  This will not only assist you with your walking techniques but it will enable you to pivot, stop, and turn around in your heels.

Pretend you are walking on a tight rope.  Just like models, slightly cross one foot right in front of other and work it!  And a little shimmy to your hips, you are wearing them to look sexy after all.

Take it outdoors.  First if the bottoms of your heels are still slippery scuff them up on the pavement.  Then take them for a test drive on pavement and for a trip to the grocery store.   

Practice standing in heels.  Last, make sure you know how to stand in them too.  It may sound simple but what do you do when you are standing around chatting or posing for a photo?  Stand with the heel of one foot touching the middle of the other foot and cocked out a little.  Put your weight on the toe of the foot in the back.  Switch feet when you get tired.

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